Fakes and facts

According to Wikipedia: A significant amount of fraudulent news during the 2016 United States election cycle came from adolescent youths in Macedonia attempting to rapidly profit from those believing their falsehoods. And when the BBC sent a reporter to the town of Veles Macedonia she found the streets lined with new cars and motor bikes and the bars... Read More »

Vanishing act

Back in September last year, I wrote about the efforts of Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas to find out what was going on with regard to irregular payments to Mr Cathal McCosker under the Commercial Property Grant Scheme (CPGS) in Pembroke Dock (see Cover-up). In response to his questions, Mr Thomas received a letter from Welsh... Read More »

Brexit road block

Although I was out on the streets campaigning for Brexit, I can’t go along with all this betrayal of democracy stuff that has followed the High Court’s decision that Parliament must take the decision on the triggering of Article 50. As I have said endlessly, we live in a constitutional democracy under the rule of... Read More »

Double counting

Despite a marked lack of co-operation from both Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire county councils, I have now managed to piece together a reasonably clear picture with regard to the Property Development Fund grant for the office block in Johnston. The starting point is the report to PCC’s cabinet on 5 January 2015 which set out the... Read More »

Live now – pay later

As a result of answers provided by Cllr Jamie Adams to my questions at yesterday’s council meeting, we now know that two-and-a-half years after Mr Cathal McCosker offered to repay £184,000 in grant monies for four properties in Pembroke Dock, only £25,000 has been collected. I should say that these questions followed Mark Twain’s injunction that... Read More »

One law for us…

There have been quite a few occasions lately when important questions depended on the interpretation of constitutional issues by the judges. During the Labour leadership contest, m’learned friends were called into action to first decide whether Mr Corbyn as the sitting leader needed the signatures of 15% of MPs (he didn’t) and whether the party... Read More »

Milking the system

Well over 90% of all planning applications are determined by planning officers acting under delegated powers. Certain types of development – large housing sites and industrial developments, applications submitted by council members, etc – are reserved for the planning committee, but all the rest are determined by planning officers in private. Prior to 2002, when the... Read More »

When in a hole…

As they survey the wasteland created by the Corbynistas’ march through the Labour party, those moderates who signed Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership nomination papers are probably telling themselves: “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time”. You will recall that, back in 2015, when Mr Corbyn was having difficulty drumming up the support of... Read More »

Mind the gap

The Establishment – in the shape of Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire County Councils – is putting up a spirited defence against my attempt to obtain further information about the £300,000+ Property Development Fund grant for an office block in Johnston. I notice that the young whippersnapper raised this subject at a recent meeting of PCC’s audit... Read More »


The Welsh Government has provided a £10 million loan fund for regenerating the town centres of Haverfordwest, Milford Haven, Pembroke and Pembroke Dock. First out of the traps was Milford Haven Port Authority which put in a bid for a £1 million interest free loan to renovate the semi-derelict Quay Stores building opposite the entrance... Read More »

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