Look after the pennies…

Look after the pennies…A couple of weeks ago, I drew attention to what appears to be a more rigorous regime with regard to members’ expense claims. Readers will be pleased to hear that one of the early losers seems to be Cllr Brian Hall. For many years it has been Brian’s practice to claim 75p every time he... Read More »

Missed the bus

Missed the busEarlier this week, I made my annual visit to Thornton to inspect the county council’s accounts. I must admit that, ever since Cllr Brian Hall kicked his unorthodox expense-claiming habits, this event has rather lost its lustre. Looking back, it is hard to believe that he got away with it for so long. Anyone who... Read More »

Trivial pursuits?

It is difficult to think of anything less important than the vice-chairmanship of the county council’s audit committee. So you might wonder why Monday’s meeting of the committee spent more than half an hour debating the question. This committee was established by the Local Government Measure (Wales) 2011 under a section headed “Strengthening local democracy”.... Read More »

All at sea

Something (or someone) seems to be stirring in the usually sleepy village of Little Haven where the county council is proposing to reinforce the sea defences to prevent future flooding. A petition with 125 signatures has been got up by disgruntled locals who are objecting to the defacement of their popular beach with rock armour... Read More »

Bungalow farmers return

A bit of a punfest has broken out over on that other website following Jamie Adams’ promotion of retired Crymych baker Cllr Keith Lewis to deputy leader of PCC. Jacob scaled new heights, or, depending on your taste, plumbed new depths, when he likened the saga to Shakespeare’s “Much a dough about muffins.” It seems... Read More »

Barbarians at the gate

Blogging has been a bit sporadic of late because, while I CAN walk and chew gum at the same time, at this time of year maintaining my position as both Pembrokeshire’s top gardener and political blogger is a bit of a challenge. I can’t think what excuse the author of that other website has to... Read More »

Election reflections

The recent election was the most depressing I can remember, with the parties trying to either bribe the electorate by making promises they must have known they couldn’t keep, or scaring us with terrifying stories of what was in store if we were foolish enough to vote for the other lot. The Guardian, usually a... Read More »

Odds and sods

Odds and sodsKnowing a little about the laws of probability, I have never been tempted by the attractions of gambling. After all, supporting John Player & Sons and the Chilean wine industry puts enough of a strain on a man’s pocket without getting involved with what my grandfather warned me were the two surest roads to ruin:... Read More »


To name, or not to name – that was the question before Wednesday’s meeting of the council’s corporate governance committee of which Grumpy is a member. This issue has a bit of a history going back to March 2013 when a couple of Old Grumpy’s relatives on the the older persons scrutiny committee suggested that... Read More »

Hidden talents

At the council meeting on 5 March 2015, Cllr Tony Brinsden put down a question regarding the cost of legal advice regarding the former chief executive’s “unlawful” pension arrangements. As the the following extracts from the minutes show (Agenda Item 183) the Leader was less than forthcoming. “The Leader stated that the Authority had not... Read More »

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