Blast from the past

You may have read in the newspapers how Judge Robin Tolson QC refused the wife of a millionaire mushroom-farmer a divorce because his behaviour towards her had not been unreasonable. Mrs Tini Owens had outlined her husband’s intolerable conduct, saying it included criticising her in front of their housekeeper and making her pick up bits... Read More »

Abandoning ship?

Since posting the item below, my inbox has been bombarded with the names of IPPG defectors and other potential Tory candidates. Most of them are so improbable that I can only assume Putin is putting out fake news in order to confuse the Pembrokeshire electorate. It worked in America, so why not here? With the local elections... Read More »

Alternative facts

Alternative factsThe very first Pembrokeshire County Council meeting (13 Dec 2013) to be webcast featured the now famous speech during which the cabinet member with responsibility for grants, Cllr David Pugh, tried to blacken my character by claiming that my allegations about irregularities in the administration of grants in Pembroke Dock were nothing but a pack of... Read More »

Unshared burdens

Pembrokeshire County Council is so cash-strapped that it is raising council tax by an inflation-busting 5% for the next several years and is planning to introduce full cost recovery for a large number of services. The uplift in council tax in 2017/2018 is set to raise £3.3 million with £4 million being pencilled in for... Read More »

Waiting game

Regular readers will recall that more than ten weeks ago I published a post about the grant-aided office block in Johnston in which I calculated that there had been an overpayment in excess of £100,000. Remembering Miss Tate’s instructions to “always show your working” I sent a copy of my calculations to the finance department... Read More »

Misspent youth

The recent death of Lord Snowdon reminded me of the night some 55 years ago when I shared a bottle of whisky with Princess Margaret. I was a 21 year old student at the University of Keele where HRH was Chancellor. She was ten years older than me; a woman of the world, while I... Read More »

Slow learners

There must be better things to do on a wet Thursday afternoon than sitting in front of the computer watching the webcast of the latest meeting of PCC’s schools and learning overview and scrutiny committee. My reason for putting myself through this slow torture was that the committee was considering a report on “Outcomes and... Read More »

The gift that keeps on giving

Just before Christmas all members of the council received a lengthy email from Cllr Rob Summons setting out his thoughts on the council’s pre-Christmas meeting, which, as I reported earlier, descended into a tangle of amendments and amendments to amendments to the point where nobody seemed to have the first idea of what was going... Read More »

Noble cause corruption

The young upstart has put up a novel-length post cataloguing his skirmishes with the former monitoring officer, Laurence Harding. Part of his exposition deals with the events at the full council on 13 December 2013, which just happened to be the first ever webcast meeting. I had put down a notice of motion calling for members to... Read More »

Skill shortages

A mole tells me that the Neyland Labour Party has selected a candidate to run against its former(?) branch chairman Simon Hancock, who, shortly after being elected under the party’s colours in 2012, defected from the Labour group on Pembrokeshire County Council to join Jamie Adams’ cabinet. Little is known about the new man – Simon... Read More »

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