Last week the Western Telegraph website carried councillors’ replies to its questions about the way they voted on the 29-23 majority for chief executive’s controversial severance package. The contributions of the 14 supporters (out of 29) who bothered to reply are interesting because, as extracts from some of their contributions (below) show, they seemed to be... Read More »

Golden goodbye

Pembrokeshire County Council has voted narrowly to give its chief executive a big pay-off. Whether that decision was correct is not a black and white question. Almost universally, the comments in the Western Telegraph of those who voted in favour compared the cost of the settlement with the cost of carrying on down the disciplinary... Read More »

Thrice denied

As anticipated, the IPPG block vote, plus a trio of fellow travellers (Cllrs Alison Lee, David Lloyd and Stan Hudson), was enough to ensure that the chief executive got his £320,000 golden goodbye. At least Cllr Lee, the latest recruit from the Labour group, could fall back on collective Cabinet responsibility as an excuse. The Leader,... Read More »

Pyramid selling

Old Grumpy’s seismograph detects a political earthquake about to hit Pembrokeshire as the fault lines in the IPPG grind towards snapping point. So far, there have been some minor tremors such as the sacking/resignation of Cllr David Simpson – the only Cabinet member with even a shred of credibility – leaving a uniform bunch of... Read More »

Stranger than truth

On Wednesday, I tendered my resignation from the disciplinary committee which is charged with determining whether there is anything in the chief executive’s conduct that would warrant referring the matter to a “designated independent person” for further investigation. For very good reasons, this committee meets in secret, so you will understand why I have to be... Read More »

Back to front

Back to frontMonday’s extraordinary audit committee meeting; called to discuss the “irregular” grant payments in Pembroke Dock, was an interesting spectacle for an avid Kremlin watcher like Old Grumpy. When this committee first considered my concerns about this issue almost exactly one year ago, members were told: “4.3.1 Internal Audit has shared its findings with the Council’s... Read More »

Old aquaintances – never forgotten

Old aquaintances – never forgottenMonday’s meeting of PCC’s audit committee was an all day affair with a routine meeting in the morning and an extraordinary meeting in the afternoon. The afternoon session was to discuss the latest developments in the controversial matter of “irregularities” in the the Commercial Property Grants Scheme in Pembroke Dock, so I had always intended... Read More »

Guilty conscience

Guilty conscienceThe Local Government and Housing Act 1989 introduced some important changes to the way local authorities operate. Section 15 brought in the political balance rules which ensure that all political groups are fairly represented on committees. Previously, it was possible for the majority group, by resolution of the council, to pack committees with its own... Read More »

Time to fake the facts

Following the vote of no confidence in the chief executive at last Friday’s extraordinary council meeting the chairman announced a ten minute break. Old Grumpy took the opportunity to nip out for a quick fag by the riverside. There I was joined by a number of other members – not all of them smokers – including... Read More »

Don’t mention the lies

Last Friday’s extraordinary meeting of council was a dramatic affair with a large majority supporting a motion of no confidence in the chief executive and a disciplinary panel being established to investigate allegations that he might have breached the officers’ code of conduct. The public webcast of proceedings can be viewed here. As I have... Read More »

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