Election promises

Word reaches Old Grumpy that, at last week’s planning committee, Mr Keith Bradney, an objector to Cllr Johnny Allen-Mirehouse’s plans to stick five giant wind turbines on the Angle peninsula, began to read an extract from Johnny’s election address. Unfortunately, before he could tell the full story, Mr Bradney was interrupted by the council’s acting... Read More »

News from the Western Front

Complaints have been received that there is not enough Kremlinology on this site. I had thought that sort of juvenile tittle-tattle could be left to that other website, but if there is a demand for it here I will have to oblige. After all, the customer is always right. So let me bring you news... Read More »

Rewriting history

Last week, the Western Mail carried a story in which Stephen Crabb MP, Secretary of State for Wales, is quoted as saying: “The problem with Pembrokeshire – and I’ve been saying this for well over 10 years since I’ve been doing politics down there, is that Independent-run local authorities give you weak accountability. “There’s a slightly... Read More »

Herb garden

While other websites seek to amuse their readers during the festive season with fripperies like Golden DonQui awards, Old Grumpy would rather accentuate the positive by offering advice on creative activities such as planting a herb garden to provide delicious flavourings for soups, stews, casseroles and cold buffets throughout the year. Old Grumpy would recommend... Read More »

Blog standard

With the proliferation of political websites in the county, I have decided to do an end of the year review. The most recent entry into the field is Cllr Simon Hancock, Cabinet member with responsibility for old folk, like me. It begins, rather unpromisingly: “Welcome to my new website neylandnews.org.uk to showcase my work as... Read More »

Bogey men

Following Mr Parry-Jones’ gold-plated exit, there has been much talk of a change in culture in the Kremlin on Cleddau. I fear it will be an uphill task. Unfortunately, a situation has developed where the ruling clique uses its majority to get its own way by hook or by crook. One much used tactic is... Read More »

Up to the minute

At October’s meeting of full council we voted to go into private session to discuss the chief executive’s severance payment. There was a lengthy debate during which several opposition members argued that debate should be held in public session. Just before the recorded vote was taken I asked: “Assuming we do go into private session... Read More »

Johnny come lately

When my NoM calling for the release of correspondence between PCC, WEFO and Mr Cathal McCosker on the subject of repayments of grant monies came before last week’s audit committee, I took the opportunity to have a bit of fun at the expense of my old chum Cllr Johnny Allen-Mirehouse. Old Grumpy: “Some members will... Read More »

Legal wrangles

Last Monday’s audit committee meeting was a lively affair. Unfortunately the lay chairman Mr Peter Jones failed to show and the vice chairman, IPPG stalwart Cllr Mike James, inserted himself in the chair. Cllr Jacob Williams objected to this on the basis that the law appears to debar members of an executive group i.e a... Read More »

Truth to tell

Last Friday’s “question time” organised by Haverfordwest Civic Society in St Mary’s Church led to some robust, though mostly good-natured, exchanges. One sour note came when a questioner from the floor asked Jamie Adams about my allegations that he had lied about his trip to the attic at Coronation School during the council meeting on... Read More »

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