High living

Prior to his retirement, Cllr Peter Stock and I used to have good-natured arguments about which was the largest town in Pembrokeshire –  Milford Haven or Haverfordwest. Peter was keen to bandy figures around to support the county town’s claim, but they included the  population of Merlins Bridge. And, as it has its own community... Read More »

Tax facts

Tax factsJust when you thought you’d seen the last of him, up pops Jamie Adams on the front page of the Herald attacking the proposed 12.5% council tax hike which he claims “will put the squeeze on hard-working Pembrokeshire families.” Inside the paper the former leader blames the proposed increase on the current cabinet’s failure to... Read More »

Unknown quantities

The Wales Audit Office is surveying all elected councillors on PCC’s use of data. The first item reads: “The data the council collects is of a high quality” to which members are offered a choice ranging from “Strongly agree” to “Strongly disagree”. Unfortunately, with the county council’s data it is a case of never mind... Read More »

Paradise lost

At the risk of being accused of name-dropping, Grumpy and Grumpette are pleased to find themselves in the company of The Queen, Lewis Hamilton, and someone called Bono who is, I believe, a pop star. What connects us to this list of illustrious figures is our shared fondness (allegedly) for the shady world of offshore... Read More »


Last weekend, the Labour Party turned up the heat by organising a rally designed to unseat Tory MP Steven Crabb. This sort of serious political activity is rather alien to the county’s culture where  rallies usually involve vintage motor cars or tractors. It’s not that Pembrokeshire people can’t be stirred into action – witness the big... Read More »

It just don’t add up

It just don’t add upMy old chemistry teacher, Geoffrey ‘Solomon’ Beaumont, used to say that everything worth knowing was difficult to understand, though he was quick to point out that the converse was not necessarily true. So, you at the back, please pay attention! After the statistics used to support the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PCC and Pembrokeshire College... Read More »


MiscalculationsIt is almost 60 years since I studied logic at university. I would like to be able to say that I signed up for the course in a quest for self-improvement, but the truth is rather more mundane: one of my friends tipped me off that the logic tutor was known to be a very generous... Read More »

‘A’ level playing field?

At Monday’s extraordinary meeting of PCC members agreed by the wafer-thin margin of 25 – 24 to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pembrokeshire College regarding future ‘A’ level provision in the county. It was the view of many members, including me, that this MoU tilts the balance in favour of ‘A’ level provision... Read More »

It’s not what you know…

In his valedictory interviews with the local papers, Jamie Adams blamed his downfall on “keyboard warriors” and “two councillors with venomous and personal blogs”. He also told the Pembrokeshire Herald that the opposition had given him a hard time by arguing over “minutiae” such as the future of the council’s planning delegation panel. “It’s seen as best practice and yet... Read More »

One man’s meat . . .

Interviewed by the Western Telegraph, ousted county council leader Jamie Adams blamed his downfall on “keyboard warriors” and “some sections of the press and members with blogs”. At my age, it is flattering to be described as a warrior, even if armed with nothing more lethal than a keyboard. However, I was not amused when I... Read More »

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