Up to the minute

At October’s meeting of full council we voted to go into private session to discuss the chief executive’s severance payment. There was a lengthy debate during which several opposition members argued that debate should be held in public session. Just before the recorded vote was taken I asked: “Assuming we do go into private session... Read More »

Johnny come lately

When my NoM calling for the release of correspondence between PCC, WEFO and Mr Cathal McCosker on the subject of repayments of grant monies came before last week’s audit committee, I took the opportunity to have a bit of fun at the expense of my old chum Cllr Johnny Allen-Mirehouse. Old Grumpy: “Some members will... Read More »

Legal wrangles

Last Monday’s audit committee meeting was a lively affair. Unfortunately the lay chairman Mr Peter Jones failed to show and the vice chairman, IPPG stalwart Cllr Mike James, inserted himself in the chair. Cllr Jacob Williams objected to this on the basis that the law appears to debar members of an executive group i.e a... Read More »

Truth to tell

Last Friday’s “question time” organised by Haverfordwest Civic Society in St Mary’s Church led to some robust, though mostly good-natured, exchanges. One sour note came when a questioner from the floor asked Jamie Adams about my allegations that he had lied about his trip to the attic at Coronation School during the council meeting on... Read More »

Protection racket

The foyer in county hall is presently festooned with posters for International Fraud Awareness Week. On visiting the website, I find Pembrokeshire County Council is listed as a supporter of this worthy cause. Can there ever have been a greater gulf between theory and practice? I might have given the wrong impression when I said... Read More »

Brothers in arms

Brothers in armsThe young whippersnapper over at that other website has an excellent piece on the close relationship between Bryn Parry-Jones and Cllr Brian Hall, which he has likened to that between Arthur Daley and his minder Terry. Goldfinger and Oddjob would more closely fit my estimation. I have long been baffled as to how the sophisticated,... Read More »

Oiling the wheels

The breakdown of the deal to sell the Murco refinery comes as no surprise, though the consequences are no less pleasant for that. There is a surplus of refining capacity world-wide and if an experienced operator like Murphy Oil can’t make a profit on the site – and these big companies don’t usually close down... Read More »

Exit strategy

So Mr Parry-Jones has departed, accompanied by a large dollop of taxpayers’ money, though, thanks to the intervention of the WAO, not quite so large as that approved by the IPPG and its friends on October 16. As a result of the WAO’s insistence on the removal of the unlawful pension payments, the final settlement is... Read More »


Last week the Western Telegraph website carried councillors’ replies to its questions about the way they voted on the 29-23 majority for chief executive’s controversial severance package. The contributions of the 14 supporters (out of 29) who bothered to reply are interesting because, as extracts from some of their contributions (below) show, they seemed to be... Read More »

Golden goodbye

Pembrokeshire County Council has voted narrowly to give its chief executive a big pay-off. Whether that decision was correct is not a black and white question. Almost universally, the comments in the Western Telegraph of those who voted in favour compared the cost of the settlement with the cost of carrying on down the disciplinary... Read More »

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