Herdsman's cottage - Cwmbetws, Near Eglwswrw



With the exception of the 10' x 20' conservatory on the right-hand side (the herdsman shouldn't be short of tomatoes) the frontage looks like any typical Pembrokeshire farmhouse.
However, as with most things involving the county council, a peep round the back of the facade tells a different story (see below)




In addition to the conservatory, the ground floor plan shows two 19' x 14' living rooms, a 14' x 13' kitchen and a utility/shower of similar dimensions.
And there's a double garage to boot.
Although the dwelling has only three bedrooms, it is worth remembering that the biggest of them is 19' x 14', with the other two weighing in at 19' x 10' and 14' x 13'.
All in all, I would judge this to be one of the finest examples of the bungalow farmers' art I have come across during my almost 20 years in the business.
Brilliantly executed - a masterpiece.

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