The scene:
St Davids City Hall. January 2005

The occasion: The launch of the BBC's film on Pembrokeshire: "Land of Dreams".

The cast: Welsh Assembly Member, Glyn Davies; BBC Executive, Huw Roberts; and Cabinet member for Transportation and the Environment, County Councillor Brian Hall.

Glyn Davies AM
. There was a conversation about an item on Dragon's Eye [The programme early last year in which allegations of bullying were made against Brian Hall].
I rather jocularly opened the conversation, but it was clear that Brian was feeling quite aggrieved the the previous programme and he spoke what I would describe as very inappropriately in public.
That's the view I've taken and that's what really happened.

Huw Roberts. I was in conversation with him and Glyn Davies AM and they were talking about Simon [Morris] [The BBC journalist responsible for the earlier programme]. At that stage I didn't know which Simon but it became quite clear that Brian Hall had some great anger in him and embarked on an outburst about Simon and what would happen to him if, in fact, he caught him in Pembroke Dock.
It was an absolutely amazing outburst - I've certainly never seen anything like it in my time in politics.

Glyn Davies AM. I was in conversation with Huw Roberts when Brian came in - so Huw was, in a sense, part of the conversation, but there were others who will have heard part of the conversation as well.
And there were indeed specific threats.
I've said I'm not going to say, myself, what was said, but there were those sort of inappropriate comments.

Huw Roberts. One of the things he said was that were Simon ever to go to Ireland that he wouldn't come back; that he, Mr Hall, knew people in Ireland who would sort things out.
That was the level of the threat.
He made mention of knowing people belonging to the Kray twins up North.
It was quite amazing, really, for what I discovered to be an elected representative to speak.

Glyn Davies AM. I think it was inappropriate for anyone to be saying and, indeed because it was a councillor that changes it. It was my view that it was inappropriate and I did resolve that, afterwards, I would speak with Cllr Hall or, indeed, the Council Leader.
I've not done that as of yet except that I have mentioned this, in passing, to the Council leader that I would like to discuss this with Brian Hall and the Council Leader simply because I thought it was inapp... and I don't really want that sort of thing said in public again.

Huw Roberts. He was in full flow, and the truth is, at first, because they were such extreme remarks, I wasn't taking them seriously but, as it went on, it became quite evident that much of what he said, he meant.

Glyn Davies AM. It was the sort of thing you shouldn't say but I didn't actually think he meant to carry it out.
Clearly if I thought there was an intent to carry it out I would have reported the matter to the police myself.

Huw Roberts. Well it simply isn't right that anyone in public life should speak in those terms about a perfectly legitimate story.
That's what public life is about. Anybody who's involved in it knows that.

Glyn Davies AM. I'd like to have a meeting with the Leader of the Council and Brian Hall and to talk through what was said because I'm not at all sure that Cllr Hall realises the significance of saying that sort of thing in public - and I don't want it to happen again.
I don't think it was appropriate and I don't want it to happen again.