Below is a copy of the statement provided to the police by Director of Finance Mark Lewis.
All the redactions, except that at the bottom of page 2, concern Cllr Brian Hall.
The other redaction refers to Mr Huw Roberts the council's, then, Director of Highways.
I have applied under FoI for a copy of Mr Roberts' letter referred to in Mr Lewis' statement.
My understanding from my conversations with the police in the early stages of the investigation is that Mr Roberts' letter states that Cllr Hall arrived at the meeting at 3.30 pm (one-and-a-half hours after the meeting started).
We know from the NPTCBC visitors' book that Hall left the building at 3.45pm.
It has always been my contention that it is not possible to eat lunch, drive to Pembroke Dock via Haverfordwest (presumably for some time consuming purpose) and back to Penllergaer - a distance of 185 miles - in the 157 minutes between 1.08 pm and 3.45 pm.
To get there by 3.30 (142 minutes after buying lunch at the service station) is even less achieveable.
Note. These is no dispute that Hall attended both the function in London and the SWITCH meeting at Penllergaer.
The issue is whether he travelled the number of miles for which he claimed.
The signed declaration that accompanies a member's expense claim reads: "I have necessarily incurred expenditure and subsistence for the purpose of enabling me to perform approved duties as a member of Pembrokeshire County Council."
Clearly, if a member doesn't cover the mileage he hasn't "incurred expenditure".
For instance, a member who attended two entirely separate "approved duties" in Cardiff on the same day couldn't claim two lots of travelling expenses.