The non-political, political party that rules Pembrokeshire

Whenever, I tackle one of the oxymoron peddlers from the Independent Political (sic) Group they invariably deny ever signing up to join.
I suppose that, if you believe it is possible to be both an independent and a member of a political group, you can believe almost anything.
However, surely even the self-deception merchants, who make up the IPG, must bow to the hard documentary evidence reproduced below.



Some of the signatures are difficult to decipher, so I append a list of names for your convenience.
Where the identity of a member is uncertain the name is followed by (?).
John Allen-Mirehouse, Peter Stock, Mark Edwards, Martin Davies, Lyn Davies, Rosalie Lilwall, Sian James, Don Evans, Arwyl Williams, Anne Hughes, Rosemary Hayes, Steve Watkins, Robin Evans, Bill Roberts, David Wildman, Alwyn Luke, David Simpson, John George, Mike Evans (?), David Rees, John Davies, Jamie Adams, David Bryan (?), Islwyn Howells, David Neale, Bill Davies, John Murphy, Brian Hall, Leslie Raymond, Robert Lewis (?), Clive Collins, Henry Jones, Jim Codd, Wyn Evans (?), John Griffiths, Tom Richards, Bill Hitchings, John Thomas.

Perhaps the most spectacular example of an Independent Political Group member's eagerness to conceal his political colours from the electorate is Cllr Jim Codd, who, just before the 2004 election, placed the advert below in the Tenby Observer.

In fact Cllr Codd had been a member of the Independent Political Group for almost three years when he wrote that (see below).
He seems to have been in something of a hurry to sign up because the bye-election at which he won his seat was held on 28 June 2001.