25 Dimond Street where it highlighted in BoQ 300 sq m of paint including two coats of paint and one coat of stabiliser- also 125 sq m hacking off plaster and then re-rendering.
You've worked that out from plans you've obtained to be approximately 50 sq m and you've timesed that by the price for the same builder on a different job.
Is that fair?
At the end of it you explain that the grant money paid at either 90% or 70% would have been in excess of £9,000 or £7,000.
Is that fair?
Is that fair?
My apologies. you say the grant money overpaid on that job could have been a maximum of £9,000 or a minimum of £7,000.
Do you know the actual cost of those three items?
MS No, but I will if the council passes this resolution today and allows me to see the documents.
I understand that. The cost of these three items is £1,052.47.
The actual cost in grant money to this council was £1,052.47 for the three items.
MS So how do you know that if I'm not allowed to know it.

Because I put a Freedom of Information request into this council asking for the total amount.of money paid on those three items.
That's the price I had back referring to those three items.
That is council property, that money - it's not commercially sensitive.
I don't believe you've ever asked for that.

I don't think I received any preferential treatment because I put in a FoI request asking for the council to provide me with the total amount of grant funding actually paid for the work at 25 Dimond Street for the work highlighted by you witha £7,000 overspend.
That's council information freely available to me and to you.
Just moving on from that to a secondary point of clarification - the plans on your website that you've measured up were freely obtained from the council from the planning department.
Did you have permission to reproduce those on your website.