Cllr John Davies
County Hall

7 February 2005

Re Dr Michael Ryan’s letter to the council dated 18 October 2004

Dear Cllr Davies,

As you know, I recently acquired a copy of the above letter through the Freedom of Information process.

It has now come to my notice that you have sent a copy to all other members of the authority.

In this letter, in which I am named, Dr Ryan makes wide-ranging allegations of harassment.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that not only do I deny harassment but that many of the items listed on page three of Dr Ryan’s letter have nothing whatsoever to do with me.

Taking Dr Ryan’s complaints in turn, I would make the following observations:

1. To the best of my recollection, I have sent him only one email - that requesting details of the "successfully completed major project" in Pembrokeshire of which the earlier version of his website used to boast.

I have twice written to him seeking his consent to the release of information contained in the district auditor’s report.

On neither occasion did I receive a reply.

A copy of the second of these accompanied Dr Ryan’s letter of 18 October 2004, though, for whatever reason, this was not among the documents circulated to all members.

2 and 3. The references to the International Association of Science Parks and the AURP were contained in a press release issued by your predecessor in November 2002 after I first brought the relationship between Dr Ryan and Cllr Brian Hall to public notice. I did email both organisations seeking confirmation of Dr Ryan’s credentials. The results of my research can be found on my website:www.old previous columns/ 20 May 2003.

4. I did complain to the IMCI about Dr Ryan’s failure to notify the council about his relationship with Cllr Hall as required by their Code of Conduct.They wrote back saying my allegations were unfounded. However, as Dr Ryan has now chosen to resurrect the issue, I have again written to the IMCI with a copy of Dr Ryan’s fax to Cllr Hall of 16 October 200, which was not in my possession at the time of my earlier complaint.

5. I have never approached Companies House regarding Euro-Ryall Ltd, though I have downloaded information on the company from the website.

6. Nothing to do with me.

7. Ditto.

8. I assume this is a reference to Mr Pat O’Sullivan who spent four days in Pembroke Dock together with Dr Ryan and Cllr Hall in mid-November 2000. This was roughly one month after Dr Ryan wrote to Cllr Hall outlining their joint plans to participate in several lucrative private business deals in Pembroke Dock.

9. Nothing to do with me.

10. The District Auditor was called in by your predecessor.

11. Nothing to do with me.

12. I was contacted by an Irish newspaper at the time of Dr Ryan’s sacking as chairman of the Irish Civil Defence Board by defence minister Michael Smith. seeking information on his relationship with Seamus Brennan (see Dr Ryan’s fax to Cllr Hall at "Ryan-Hall the full story" on my website

13. If the allegations on my website are "false and unfounded" why, having twice threatened to do so, hasn’t Dr Ryan brought a libel action against me. After all, he claims to be £14.500 out of pocket due to legal fees, so why not try to recover it by suing me.

In the body of his letter, Dr Ryan refers to a TV crew arriving on his doorstep.

Could I suggest he addresses his complaints about this to the BBC.

He also alleges that attempts have been made to smear his academic qualifications. It is interesting to note that the Irish Ministry of Defence website claims that Dr Ryan has "a Ph D in Industry."

Is this true, and from which university was it obtained?

I am sure that, in the interest of fairness and balance, I can rely on you to forward a copy of this letter to all members.

Yours sincerely

Mike Stoddart