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Stretching the truth

As expected, my attempt to have documents relating to grants in Pembroke Dock opened up for inspection by elected members was crushed under the IPPG’s steamroller at yesterday’s meeting of full council. Cllr Reg Owens was the only member of the ruling clique not to toe the party line and his vote was cancelled out... Read More »

Spell check

With one thing and another there’s an awful lot going on at the moment. Old Grumpy notices that Carmarthenshire County Council seems to have thrown in the towel over the unorthodox senior officers’ pension arrangements. Last week a secret meeting of the council’s bigwigs resolved that: “Without conceding that it is intrinsically unlawful, that the... Read More »

Fallen angels

The sacking of his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, by North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, should act as a warning to all those members of authoritarian governments who fail to toe the party line. Jang is said to have “distorted and undermined” party policy and “dreamed different dreams”. According to the Daily Mail’s website,... Read More »

Rendered senseless

Many column inches have been devoted to my little spat with Cllr Jamie Adams and his sidekick Cllr David Pugh at last week’s meeting of the county council’s Cabinet. Cllr Pugh ended up shouting at me, though, if this was intended to intimidate me, he should be aware that it has had just the opposite... Read More »

Mission impossible

Old Grumpy was given a rough ride at Monday’s cabinet meeting when I tried to persuade that august body to allow members access to all the information on the award of grants in Pembroke Dock that have been a regular feature of this column since last April. This was, as expected, a complete waste of... Read More »

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new websiteI’m afraid I left the design of my new website entirely in the hands of the young upstart who has repaid my trust by introducing childish comments about fossils and Jurassic Park. I suppose that’s what passes for wit in Pentlepoir. To add insult to injury, he has created a new password for me –... Read More »

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