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Sea of troubles

It seems that the author of that other website is so desperate for a scoop that he has taken to sitting up half the night. His latest post concerns the county council’s difficulties with the Wales Audit Office (WAO) over its plan to allow senior officers to avoid tax by taking their pension contributions in the... Read More »

Joining the dots

Despite my cruel jibes aimed at the young upstart who publishes that other website, I have to admit he has his uses. Although he is 50 years younger than me, he does occasionally come up with the odd gem. Whether this is an example of the type of phenomena involving monkeys, typewriters, infinite time and... Read More »

Pinocchio Pugh

I have now updated my piece on Cllr David Pugh’s speech to council on December 12 in light of yesterday’s audit committee meeting and site inspection. The complete command performance can be viewed at  PCC webcast 40.56 On reflection, it seems that Cllr Pugh achieved the not inconsiderable feat of speaking for fully ten minutes without saying... Read More »

Simple sums

I had an email yesterday from someone seeking to contest my assertion that, given the information that the council had provided to Cllr Rob Summons, it was easy to work out the “commercially confidential” builder’s rates that the council has been keeping from me for the last few months. It would be most surprising if this... Read More »

Information superhighway

Old Grumpy can now cast some new light on Cllr Rob Summons’ uncanny ability to navigate the county council’s Freedom of Information (FoI) maze. I must admit to a bit of professional jealousy here, because I’ve been struggling to get information out of PCC since the Act came into force more than ten years ago,... Read More »

Comedy of errors

Yesterday afternoon, I received two emails from members of the council’s cabinet. The first, from Cllr David Pugh, was in response to my email asking him to clarify his statement that “most” of No. 29 Dimond Street (Paul Sartori) had been given over to “storage and cleaning of clothes and so on” made during the... Read More »

Seize the moment

At this time of year I usually hand out my Old Grumpy Rewards for Excellent Service (OGRES) but the young upstart on that other website has rather upstaged me with his Golden DonQui awards. However, I am pleased to see that my two main tormentors took gold and silver which makes having to sit through the... Read More »