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Walking the walk

It seems that walking out of meetings has become all the rage. First we had the mass exodus of opposition members at the end of the county council’s AGM when newly installed chairman Cllr Tom Richards refused to take further nominations for the position of vice-chairman of the licencing committee. Cllr Richards claimed that the... Read More »

The sound of silence

Cllr David Bryan submitted two written questions to last week’s meeting of full council on the subject of the discrepancy between what deputy Leader, Cllr Rob Lewis, told the Ombudsman during the investigation into his unlawful use of council computers for party political purposes and what he told the returning officer on his election expense... Read More »

Huw must be joking

Another council meeting and another load of half-baked twaddle from deputy leader Cllr Rev Huw George. This was during the debate on my motion of no confidence in the Rev George’s fellow deputy leader Cllr Rob Lewis, who, you may recall, was suspended for two weeks by the standards committee for misuse of council computers... Read More »

Jamie Dodger

I must state at the outset that the title of this piece has no connection with the sickly-sweet item of confectionary produced by Burtons. The calorie-laden biscuit of that name, as junk food buffs will know, has a double-m. No! this about the way our Dear Leader, Cllr Jamie Adams, avoided answering my question about... Read More »

Hancock’s naff hour

My motion of no confidence in Cllr Rob Lewis came to a rather more sticky end than I anticipated. I had expected the IPPG block vote to rally behind him (“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately,” Benjamin Franklin) together with their associates in the Tory party, though it came... Read More »

Side effects

As I’ve said before, the webcasting of council meetings is the best thing since sliced bread. And it is not simply because we now have an accurate record of what is said – the off-stage antics of members can also be very revealing. So it was that I was able to provide a detailed account... Read More »

Strictly legal

The issue of Cllr Jamie Adams’ late expense claim seems to have been put to bed by a report by the Wales Audit Office (WAO) to the council’s audit committee which finds that, by paying four-years-worth of back expenses in April 2012, the council acted within the law. The WAO report quotes the Local Authorities... Read More »