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Decimal places

Decimal placesI had intended to give you the low down on the roof at 29 Dimond Street Pembroke Dock (Paul Sartori charity shop), but assembling all the necessary information is proving more difficult than I anticipated so that will have to wait for a few more days. In the meantime, I have been continuing my annual... Read More »

Shop fit-up

Shop fit-upThat other website had an interesting post recently about the police investigation, or should that be non-investigation, of the grants caper in Pembroke Dock. Five months after being sent a dossier by PCC, the police are still consulting with the Wales European Funding Office (WEFO) as to whether a criminal investigation is “appropriate”. According to... Read More »

Logic, truth and language.

There has been much excitement in the local press about Gloucestershire police reopening the investigation into the “unlawful” pension payments to PCC’s chief executive and A N Other. This has distracted attention from what I think is the rather more interesting story regarding Mik Smith the former PCC youth worker recently jailed for six years... Read More »

Right royal treatment

Right royal treatmentWhile for some part timers high summer is the time for sneaking off to Wimbledon, for Old Grumpy it is nose-to-the-grindstone time because the county council’s books are open for inspection. As I said last year, the ejection of Cllr Brian Hall from the Cabinet, and the consequent loss of his ability to claim almost unlimited travelling... Read More »

Unreliable evidence

Last Thursday’s council meeting was a lively affair – especially the bit about the chief executive’s pension that you weren’t allowed to see. Of most interest to me was the debate on the amalgamation of Hakin and Hubberston Schools, and the sham consultation exercise that preceded the decision. Much of the case for the merger... Read More »

Unanswered questions

Two weeks ago former county council youth worker Michael ‘Mik’ Smith was jailed for six years having pleaded guilty to serious child abuse offences. This story goes back almost 10 years to the spring of 2005 when several of his colleagues in the youth service complained about his inappropriate behaviour towards children in his care.... Read More »

Kremlin watch

The county council has been running a series of training events for members. Last week, Grumpette attended one on assertiveness. Taking coals to Newcastle has nothing on this. I had things to do in the garden so I declined the invitation thinking that the information would be cascaded down to me when she came home.... Read More »

Missing links

Missing linksOld Grumpy has been taking an interest in the case of former PCC youth worker ‘Mik’ Smith who earlier this week was jailed for six years after pleading guilty to a string of child abuse offences. I had a vague recollection of a body being set up to investigate the way the council had handled child... Read More »

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