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Gory Tory story

Old Grumpy notices that the Right Hon Stephen Crabb MP has rather belatedly decided to jump onto the anti-IPPG bandwagon. The recently promoted Secretary of State for Wales tells the Western Telegraph: “The truth is that normal politics and governance do not really exist at County Hall. Pembrokeshire is one of the last remaining places where... Read More »

Adams and the gardener

There seems to be no limit to the depths to which the author of that other website will sink in his efforts to put one over on me. His latest ruse is to take advantage of my early bedtime to put up a post about Monday evening’s secret, or, if you believe what is on... Read More »

The final curtain

Revelations in today’s Herald must surely spell the end for the Independent Political Group (IPG) which has ruled Pembrokeshire since reorganisation in 1996. I have been a consistent critic of this corrupt regime since its inception – both in this column and previously in the Mercury – but the Herald’s latest scoop has laid bare... Read More »

It’s a blog’s life

That other website has a some game-changing new information on the resignation of the chairman of PCC’s audit committee Mr John Evans MBE. This is the young whippersnapper’s second scoop in the past seven days – I think I’ll have to take him a bit more seriously in future. As Oscar Wilde almost said: To... Read More »

Pembrokeshire waives the rules

A few weeks ago I reported that, because of the statutory requirement that the council’s audit committee should have at least one lay member, the sudden resignation of Mr John Evans (see resignation letter here) had left the committee in limbo. Normally this wouldn’t matter too much, but these are not normal times because at... Read More »

Stevie wanders

Cllr Steven Joseph has announced his departure from the county council’s ruling Independent Plus Political Group (IPPG). According to that other website, a gaggle of plotters met at his house on Sunday evening to discuss forming a new group – Pembrokeshire First or Pembrokeshire People First depending on who is telling it. Present at this... Read More »

The roof, the whole roof, and nothing but the roof

The roof, the whole roof, and nothing but the roofUpdated with amount of grant awarded on 28 March 2016. As promised, I can now bring you the full story about the roof at 29 Dimond Street (Paul Sartori charity shop) Pembroke Dock which you, dear taxpayer, funded with a 70% grant. I am fortunate to have an aerial photograph of this roof which is... Read More »