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Truth to tell

Last Friday’s “question time” organised by Haverfordwest Civic Society in St Mary’s Church led to some robust, though mostly good-natured, exchanges. One sour note came when a questioner from the floor asked Jamie Adams about my allegations that he had lied about his trip to the attic at Coronation School during the council meeting on... Read More »

Protection racket

The foyer in county hall is presently festooned with posters for International Fraud Awareness Week. On visiting the website, I find Pembrokeshire County Council is listed as a supporter of this worthy cause. Can there ever have been a greater gulf between theory and practice? I might have given the wrong impression when I said... Read More »

Brothers in arms

Brothers in armsThe young whippersnapper over at that other website has an excellent piece on the close relationship between Bryn Parry-Jones and Cllr Brian Hall, which he has likened to that between Arthur Daley and his minder Terry. Goldfinger and Oddjob would more closely fit my estimation. I have long been baffled as to how the sophisticated,... Read More »

Oiling the wheels

The breakdown of the deal to sell the Murco refinery comes as no surprise, though the consequences are no less pleasant for that. There is a surplus of refining capacity world-wide and if an experienced operator like Murphy Oil can’t make a profit on the site – and these big companies don’t usually close down... Read More »

Exit strategy

So Mr Parry-Jones has departed, accompanied by a large dollop of taxpayers’ money, though, thanks to the intervention of the WAO, not quite so large as that approved by the IPPG and its friends on October 16. As a result of the WAO’s insistence on the removal of the unlawful pension payments, the final settlement is... Read More »