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Odds and sods

Odds and sodsKnowing a little about the laws of probability, I have never been tempted by the attractions of gambling. After all, supporting John Player & Sons and the Chilean wine industry puts enough of a strain on a man’s pocket without getting involved with what my grandfather warned me were the two surest roads to ruin:... Read More »


To name, or not to name – that was the question before Wednesday’s meeting of the council’s corporate governance committee of which Grumpy is a member. This issue has a bit of a history going back to March 2013 when a couple of Old Grumpy’s relatives on the the older persons scrutiny committee suggested that... Read More »

Hidden talents

At the council meeting on 5 March 2015, Cllr Tony Brinsden put down a question regarding the cost of legal advice regarding the former chief executive’s “unlawful” pension arrangements. As the the following extracts from the minutes show (Agenda Item 183) the Leader was less than forthcoming. “The Leader stated that the Authority had not... Read More »