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Double whammy

Big changes have recently come into force with regard to council house rents in Pembrokeshire. For anyone with a hour or two to spare the details can be found in the Housing Act (Wales) 2015, though I can’t promise you a page turner and if you get past 30 minutes without nodding off you have... Read More »


PCC’s economic development scrutiny committee has been considering the forthcoming referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. And, according to the Herald’s headline, it concluded that: “Wales would lose out over Brexit”. Reading the report that went before the committee you could be forgiven for concluding that PCC is sponsoring the “Remain” campaign. And... Read More »

Nothing to declare

A feature of the debates on the reorganisation of secondary education in north west Pembrokeshire has been the confusion over members’ declarations of interests. At times, members standing up and reeling off the details of their relatives employed in the school system seems to have taken longer than the debate itself. Of course, it is... Read More »