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Bog standards

With reference to last week’s post a reader known only as Les comments on that other website: On another subject – once again Old Grumpy publicly calls Cllr Adams a liar. To me this is, or should be serious. Surely Cllr Adams should now as a matter of honour challenge this or accept that Cllr... Read More »

Carry on lying

Carry on lyingBack in November 2013, I wrote a piece about the roof at Coronation School Pembroke Dock which was supposed to have been completely reslated at great expense. The photo that accompanied the article seemed to show conclusively that some parts of the roof hadn’t been touched (see Night on the tiles.) My concerns about this... Read More »

Honest mistakes?

Honest mistakes?It is now over two years since Pembrokeshire County Council handed a detailed dossier on the Pembroke Dock grants affair to Dyfed-Powys Police. And last week Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Griffiths turned up at the council’s audit committee and told members that papers would be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service in the none-too-distant future.... Read More »

Tinpot Torquemada!

The author of that other website seems to have struck a rich seam of columnar inspiration in the works and words of Cllr Rev Huw George, Cabinet member for the environment and Welsh language. Rev Huw’s latest initiative has taken him down to Little Haven where he has imposed a smoking ban on the beach. Actually it’s... Read More »