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Profits of doom

The howls of anguish from the political classes following the electorate’s refusal to follow their advice on the referendum is enough to bring a smile to the face of any self-respecting anarchist. Poor old Heseltine was on the radio the other morning promoting the idea that the whole thing might be overturned by Parliament and... Read More »

Good losers

“And always keep a-hold of nurse, For fear of finding something worse.” In my view these words of the Anglo-French writer Hilaire Belloc are likely to be a good predictor of the result of tomorrow’s referendum. Added to that, it is always difficult to overthrow what Milton Friedman called “the tyranny of the status quo”.... Read More »

Trivial pursuits

Tory MP Dr Sarah Wollaston has quit the Brexit campaign over what she says is the false claim that, outside the EU, the UK would be able to spend an extra £350 million per week on the NHS. As an outer, I also find this claim frustrating because it is inaccurate on so many levels... Read More »