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All that glisters is not gold

I recently drew attention to the silence of the BBC and the rest of the experts on the connection between the Brexit vote and Team GB’s triumph in Rio. This was not meant to be taken seriously, though we now know why David Cameron was so keen to get the referendum out of the way... Read More »


Self-financingA couple of weeks ago, I published information that seemed to indicate that part of a Property Development Grant for an office block in Johnston may have been redirected to pay for the drainage on an adjoining housing development carried out by the same company. The grant for the project was reported to Pembrokeshire County... Read More »

Brexit boost

Not a word from the Governor of the Bank of England; Institute of Fiscal Studies; IMF; OECD; World Bank: BBC; or rest of the experts who were wheeled out during the referendum campaign, on the positive effect of Brexit on Team GB’s Olympic performance. There are those who will argue, with some justification, that correlation... Read More »

Labour pains

With Parliament and the courts in recess, and many people sunning themselves on the beaches, August marks the height of the “silly season” when newspaper editors will print almost anything in order to avoid having blank pages in their publications. It is usually about this time of year that the Western Telegraph has a splash... Read More »

Cornish pixies

Following my post (Mutual backscratchers) in which I compared the time it took to bring a case involving the theft of £33,000 from the Pater Hall Trust to trial (18 months) and that taken over the investigation of the irregularities in CPGS grants in Pembroke Dock (two and a half years and counting) someone sent... Read More »