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Strange business

Old Grumpy has written frequently about the strange business in Pembroke Dock concerning various grants paid to property developer Cathal McCosker. Initially, I thought that Mr McCosker was some sort of financial whiz kid, but when he wrote to the council  in early April 2014 offering to pay back the whole of the £180,000 he... Read More »

Paper tigers

On the Facebook page Pembrokeshire Local Election 2017, the site’s host and independent candidate for Rudbaxton, Ryan Dansie, promises that, if elected, he will put down a notice of motion calling for powers to be transferred from the cabinet to full council. Indeed the site is well stocked with candidates promising to go around breaking... Read More »

Actions speak louder…

Facebook is replete with accounts of the Sign Wars in Pembroke Dock, so, on my way home from doing a bit of gardening at Tessa’s place near Lamphey, I decided to take a run around the town to see what all the excitement was about. During the 2010 General Election campaign, I was driving along... Read More »

What’s in a name

Comments on the Facebook page “Pembrokeshire Election 2017” seem to suggest that there are still a few people who are unfamiliar with the abbreviation IPPG. Before the 2012 election, this shadowy organisation was known as the IPG (Independent Political Group) but, for reasons which I will reveal later, it is now known as the Independent... Read More »

Election capers

Elections are always fertile ground for slogans, empty promises and pious platitudes. The Western Telegraph is offering space on its website for candidates to make their pitch for votes and utopia beckons if even half of what is on offer materialises. The contribution of the Tory party candidate for Llanrhian brought a smile to my... Read More »

Off the rails.

The month running up to local elections is governed by the “purdah rules” which forbid governments and local authorities from announcing major projects that might tilt the result in favour of their supporters. That’s the theory anyway, but word doesn’t seem to have reached the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff which this morning outlined plans... Read More »