Open secrets

A few weeks ago I had a phone call from the author of that other website who was sounding even more chipper than usual.

He was keen to let me know that Mr Parry-Jones had provided him with a copy of Mr John Evans’ (formerly lay chairman of the audit committee) resignation letter.

However, following his two golden rules for a successful life:

1. Never tell anyone everything you know.

the young pretender was most reluctant to tell me what was in it.

I suspect he was hoping to pull off a rare scoop, though it is difficult to understand why the Chief Executive felt it appropriate to provide the young whippersnapper with a copy of the letter and not other members of the council.
This sort of favouritism makes me wonder how long it will be before Jacob is parachuted into the Cabinet.

Meanwhile, I hear he has been swanning around SW19 watching the tennis.
I’m sure that is quite an agreeable way to pass the time, but, if he continues to keep his nose and the grindstone too far apart (last post 17 June) he will soon find himself challenged for the title of Pembrokeshire’s second most influential political blog by the Pembrokeshire Alliance.
However, all this cloak and dagger stuff – while no doubt entertaining to a certain type of mind – was all to no avail because earlier this evening I received an email from my socialist friend (aka David Edwards) containing a copy of Mr Evans’ resignation letter obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

It reads:

Resignation letter

[Kerry MacDermott is the council’s head of internal audit and Jonathan Haswell is the newly-promoted Director of Finance.]

I hope I am not reading too much between the lines when I say that I suspect Mr Evans has reached the same conclusion as me: that the council would rather not confront the truth about what has gone on with this grants business.

PS. I see my barbed remarks about the young upstart’s long silence has stirred him from his slumbers.
Jacob has now put up a post (11.15 pm Monday) in which he gives his own take on Mr John Evans’ resignation.
Considering it was a bit of a rush job – my post didn’t appear until gone 9 pm – it’s a pretty good effort.

However, I wouldn’t want anyone to think that this late-evening posting of mine was a deliberate tactic designed to deprive Jacob of his beauty sleep.