Stretching the truth

As expected, my attempt to have documents relating to grants in Pembroke Dock opened up for inspection by elected members was crushed under the IPPG’s steamroller at yesterday’s meeting of full council.
Cllr Reg Owens was the only member of the ruling clique not to toe the party line and his vote was cancelled out by Cllr Owen James (unaffiliated).
The debate was enlivened by an awesome display by Cllr David Pugh, cabinet member for economic development, who plumbed hitherto unexplored depths with speech that had even his own side groaning with embarrassment.
For anyone who wants an insight into democracy Pembrokeshire-style, this a must-watch performance.
What impressed Old Grumpy was the effortless way in which Cllr Pugh demolished my claim that, in the tender for No 25 Dimond Street, the rendering had been overmeasured by two-and-a-half times and the painting by six. (see Rendered Senseless, 7 Dec)
With a mastery of arithmetic befitting a mortgage salesman, Cllr Pugh pointed out that my calculations had failed to take account of the rendering to a large extension to the rear of No 25 and by the time he had finished he had “proved” to the satisfaction of the rest of the IPPG sheep that, in fact, the rendering had been undermeasured.
That, of course, left my case in tatters.
Or it would have done save for one small, but crucial, fact: there is no extension to the rear of No 25, except, that is, in Cllr Pugh’s fevered imagination.
Hard to believe this is the same Cllr Pugh who spent a good ten minutes calling me a liar.
If I could offer some friendly advice to the IPPG’s loyal footsoldiers it would be that they consider whether it might be even remotely possible that they have put their money on the wrong horse.
I will update this post later today when I have had time to listen to the webcast of the meeting.
At that point I hope to bring you the full transcript of Cllr Pugh’s intemperate, offensive and, as it turns out, inaccurate rant, though, to get the full flavour, I recommend you watch it for yourself.