An offer you can’t refuse

Keep an eye out at the Pembrokeshire County Council election count for senior members of the IPPG handing out cards similar to the one used at the 2012 election:

Ex-cllr David Wildman – Rob Lewis’ partner in crime in the Partygate affair – was in charge of the arrangements.

Feeling a bit left out, I asked him for one, but he came over all coy and shoved them into the inside pocket of his jacket.

As you can see, I did manage to acquire a copy from a well-known local ticket tout and, though I didn’t have to pay any cash, it has cost me dear in free lunches and occasional tip-offs which have matured into the odd scoop in “another place”.

Those who responded to the call were treated to a long speech by Leader-in-waiting Jamie Adams, a tape recording of which found its way into my inbox.

A transcript of this piece of sophistry, together with my comments, can be found here.