Deja vu all over again.

The good news is that Cllr David Simpson has decided to challenge Jamie Adams for the leadership of Pembrokeshire County Council.

Even better, in order to avoid the perception that votes are being bought and sold, Cllr Simpson has promised not to offer cabinet seats or other allowance-bearing positions to anyone ahead of the Annual Meeting of council on 25 May when the election of leader will take place.

It is high time this practice of using the £200,000+ taxpayer-funded SRAs as a means of buying support was done away with.

Such patronage is more in keeping with a third-rate banana republic than a local authority in the oldest democracy in the world.

Meanwhile, as I reported last week, Jamie Adams seems to believe that he can carry on as leader of PCC and simply ignore the electorate’s crushing rejection of his IPPG.

With only 16 of his original troops returned (and a couple of them hinting they will not be signing up) Cllr Adams is at least 15 short of a majority and the phone lines have been red hot over the weekend as he tries to drum up support.

Perhaps he is hoping to repeat events in 2004 when despite losing nine members – including the leader and three of his cabinet – the IPG, as it was then known, emerged with its majority intact.

However, the difference this time around is that the number of members elected as independents who intend to keep faith with the electorate has swelled from two to twelve (at least).

And, with at least twelve of the other 18 members elected as independents insisting that they will have nothing to do with the IPPG, the arithmetic is, to say the least, challenging.

So challenging, indeed, that unless the Tories have indicated a willingness to prop him up you would have to wonder why he would bother.

The Tories, meanwhile deny that any decision has been reached on the subject, but that doesn’t exclude the sort of nod and wink backstairs dealing that is par for the course in the Kremlin on Cleddau.

Of course, if the 12 Tories are persuaded to enter a coalition with Jamie’s 16-man crew, the deficit would be a reduced to more manageable proportions.

Indeed, there may even be enough newly-elected independents who have not pledged to remain unaffiliated to get him over the line.

If he does hang on to the leadership it will be a slap in the face for the voters who have demonstrated clearly that they’ve had a bellyful of Cllr Adams and his cronies.

At Monday night’s meeting to launch his leadership bid, Cllr Simpson revealed that earlier in the day he had been invited to meet Cllr Adams and had been offered the Cabinet portfolio for housing in exchange for his support.

Needless to say, he declined the offer.

Another who has climbed the stairs to Jamie’s lair is Cllr Stephen Joseph.

What he was offered and whether he accepted is not known, but, given his well-developed talent for shameless opportunism, nothing should be ruled out.