Paradise lost

At the risk of being accused of name-dropping, Grumpy and Grumpette are pleased to find themselves in the company of The Queen, Lewis Hamilton, and someone called Bono who is, I believe, a pop star.
What connects us to this list of illustrious figures is our shared fondness (allegedly) for the shady world of offshore bank accounts as revealed by the “Paradise Papers”.
Our involvement goes back to 2007 when we received a letter dated 4 October from the menacingly named Section 10 of HMRC.
Section 10 was set up to oversee a Government amnesty on offshore accounts by which, provided disclosure was made by a certain date and all tax paid, no further questions would be asked.

This came as a complete surprise and when we asked HMRC for clarification they sent us a copy of the following letter.

Unfortunately, our “declaration” had arrived after the cut-off date so a “Senior Officer” was being called in to examine our case.
In our favour was that we didn’t have any offshore accounts and could easily show this letter was ¬†fake by pointing out that we both knew how to spell our surname which ends in a ‘t’ not a ‘d’.
I have often wondered who was behind this pathetic attempt to cause us trouble.
That they knew the exact address of Section 10 suggests it was probably someone who themselves had cause to make a declaration.
So that would narrow down the field to a person who is both rich and stupid and who obviously doesn’t believe in letting the facts get in the way of a good story.