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Printing errors

Old Grumpy has been conducting a detailed examination of Cllr Rob Lewis’ interview with the Ombudsman’s investigating officer. The investigator was particularly interested in the use of Quark Xpress 7.31 for the production of election material on the council’s computer system. QX 7.31 is an expensive piece of kit and, as the investigating officer points... Read More »

No blamie Jamie

Deputy council leader Rob Lewis’ misuse of council computers has inspired some interesting comments on that other website. One issue that has been raised is whether those who had their election material produced by these unlawful means were also implicated. A similar thought occurred to me some time ago when I received an anonymised copy... Read More »


Cllr Rob Lewis, deputy leader of Pembrokeshire County Council has been suspended for two weeks for his part in producing IPPG election material on council computers during the 2008 and 2012 elections. You might think that a two week yellow card is rather a weak response considering that what Cllr Lewis was actually up to... Read More »

Computer capers

On Tuesday, the council’s standards committee is due to consider an Ombudsman’s report into the alleged misuse of Cabinet room computers by IPPG chairman and deputy council Leader Rob Lewis. The meeting starts at 10 am and is open to the public. Cllr Lewis has admitted 16 cases of misuse and is disputing a further... Read More »

Untrue Pugh scrapes through

Cllr David Pugh narrowly survived the no confidence motion at last week’s council meeting by 24 votes to 22. Two members of the ruling IPPG voted against him (Cllrs Peter Morgan and Stephen Joseph) but they were cancelled out by the support of two unaffiliated members, Cllrs Mike Evans and Phil Kidney. There was also... Read More »

Not true, Sue!

They say there’s no zealot like a convert, and Cllr Sue Perkins is living proof. The former Leader of the county council’s Labour Group, “Was-red-now-blue” Sue, presently occupies the elevated position of Cabinet member for safeguarding children, from which lofty perch she likes to lecture we mere mortals on subjects as wide-ranging as the code... Read More »

Voting machinations

The young whippersnapper has stolen a march on me with a comprehensive account of Tuesday night’s secret meeting of the ruling Independent Party. Not only does he seem to have found a very talkative mole, but he is now taking advantage of my advancing years to get the drop on me. The meeting didn’t end... Read More »

Pugh must be joking! Pugh couldn’t make it up!

Pugh must be joking! Pugh couldn’t make it up!Following Pembrokeshire County Council’s decision to call in the police to investigate my concerns about the grants schemes in Pembroke and Pembroke Dock, I have put down a motion of no confidence in Cabinet member Cllr David Pugh. At the December meeting of full council, Cllr Pugh launched a savage personal attack during which he accused... Read More »