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Super subs.

Monday’s meeting of the corporate governance committee debated a notice of motion by IPPG member Cllr Lyn Jenkins that sought to place a five-day time limit on group leaders’ ability to appoint substitutes to the planning committee. The reason given for this change was that late substitutes didn’t have time to familiarise themselves with the... Read More »

Minute manipulation

It is now exactly a year since I first published my concerns about the Commercial Property Grants Scheme (CPGS) in Pembroke and Pembroke Dock. Much water has flowed under several bridges since then. In June 2013 Cllr Michael Williams asked that the issue should be included on the agenda for the next meeting of the... Read More »

Roof truth

Back in November last year I published a photograph of the roof at Coronation School Pembroke Dock which seemed to suggest that either the whole of the roof hadn’t been reslated as claimed in the project’s final account, or that they had some fast-growing species of lichen in that part of the world. The council’s... Read More »

Don’t you Adams and Eve it

When the Pembrokeshire Herald asked Cllr Jamie Adams for an explanation for his claim that I had succeeded in “putting the kibosh” on the grants scheme in Pembroke Dock he sent them a statement which neither confirmed nor denied our brief conversation. It did however contain the following passage (the numbers in square brackets refer... Read More »

Poetry in motion

As George Orwell said: “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” Thanks to the wonders of the webcam, I can bring you a classic example of the sort of “pure wind” Orwell had in mind. Below is a transcript of Deputy... Read More »

Cabinet puddings

To County Hall yesterday to listen in to the Cabinet debate. Two items of particular interest on the agenda – WEFO’s decision to suspend payment of grants on the Pembroke and Pembroke Dock commercial property improvement scheme and the proposed merger of Hakin and Hubberston schools. The first was held in private session, so I... Read More »

Son of Partygate

Son of PartygateAs I suspected, the young upstart had good reason to be looking pleased with himself when I bumped into him during my recent visit to the election office in Goodwick. What he had discovered was that the story Cllr Rob Lewis told the Ombudsman about paying Clive James £90-£100 for printing his election leaflets in 2012... Read More »

Expense no object

I popped up to the county council’s elections office in Goodwick this afternoon to see if I could find anything interesting in the candidates’ expenses returns for the 2012 elections. And who should be there but the author of that other website busy ferreting through the files. Rather worryingly, he had the self-satisfied look on... Read More »

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