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Open secrets

Open secretsA few weeks ago I had a phone call from the author of that other website who was sounding even more chipper than usual. He was keen to let me know that Mr Parry-Jones had provided him with a copy of Mr John Evans’ (formerly lay chairman of the audit committee) resignation letter. However, following his... Read More »

Calm before the storm

Things are rather quiet at the moment, but I have a feeling it is the calm before the storm. Nothing much seems to be happening on the grants front which was reported to the police some four months ago. Soon after the police were called in, I received a visit from a detective sergeant from... Read More »

Over-egging the pudding

The retrospective planning application for the controversial eco-house at Glandwr, due before the planning committee next Tuesday, has attracted a good deal of comment on the Western Telegraph’s website. Interestingly, the agenda was emailed to members at 2.30 on Tuesday afternoon so it is something of a mystery how the newspaper, which goes to press... Read More »

No questions asked

No questions askedI’ve had a couple of complaints recently about both the content and the frequency of my postings. First an email from someone who hasn’t realised that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit that reads: “We don’t hear anything about your gardening exploits these days. I suspect your allotment been overrun by Japanese Knotweed and... Read More »

Hidden meanings

The resignation of the Chairman of the county council’s audit committee, Mr John Evans, has put on hold the committee’s investigation into possible flaws in the the administration of the Pembroke and Pembroke Dock Commercial Property Grant Scheme (CPGS). During my investigations into this grants business, I have had a serious disagreement with the council over... Read More »

John’s gone

It came as a surprise to learn earlier this week that John Evans the independent (lay) chairman of the county council’s audit committee had resigned. From what I can gather, his letter announcing that he was quitting was sent to the Chief Executive last Friday, though, a week later, members still haven’t been officially informed... Read More »