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Wilful blindness

Last October, I put down a notice of motion calling for all correspondence between PCC, Wales European Funding Office (WEFO) and  Cathal McCosker regarding repayment of grant monies for properties in Pembroke Dock owned by Mr McCosker and his associated companies, to be made available for inspection by the council’s audit committee on a confidential... Read More »


Ambushed!Saturday was the anniversary of what became known as the St Valentine’s Massacre – the extraordinary council meeting on February 14 last year, when a large number of opposition councillors were debarred from taking part in a debate on a notice of motion, signed by Cllr Paul Miller and several others, calling for disciplinary proceedings... Read More »

On manoeuvres

The Western Telegraph website has a report on a recent meeting in St Davids where the penny seems to have dropped that Cllr Jamie Adams’ last minute concession (climbdown/U-turn/volte face/capitulation – call it what you will) over the closure of Ysgol Dewi Sant may not be all it seems to be. My advice to the... Read More »

Bryn the boy racer?

Several readers have sent me a copy of this extract from Hansard which shows the redoubtable Eric Pickles, Tory Minister for Local Government, on tremendous form at question time: Henry Smith: A recent TaxPayers Alliance study identified that the chief executive of Pembrokeshire council had a Porsche funded at a cost of some £90,000 and... Read More »

Feigning interest

Ahead of last Thursday’s debate on the future of secondary education in the north of the county, all members received an email from the monitoring officer offering advice on declarations of interest as set out in the Code of Conduct. Apparently, he had received “a couple of requests for advice on the application of the... Read More »