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Standard bearers

Standard bearersThe latest revelations about police failures to investigate a Westminster-based paedophile ring demonstrates the Establishment’s ability to look after its own. This will be a phenomenon familiar to readers of this website (Time Lord). And I could cite several other examples – the most recent of which is the council’s efforts to sweep my concerns about... Read More »

Photo finish

Photo finishRecent events on the rugby pitch have persuaded me that it is now safe to abandon the regime of self-imposed silence that I have adopted since February 6 this year. I actually attended the game in Cardiff on that day and will relish for as long as I live the moment the chap in front of... Read More »

Untangling the web

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive. (Sir Walter Scott) Which brings me to the subject of what actually happened in the Mik Smith affair. Former PCC youth worker Smith, you will recall, was jailed for six years in 2014 for child abuse offences, unconnected with his employment with the... Read More »

The missing link

There was a bit of a panic in the Kremlin last week when members of the senior staff committee, and leaders of groups not represented on that committee, were summoned to a hastily convened private meeting in the Leader’s office to discuss the pay levels of the new chief executive and senior officers. Late last... Read More »