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The county council’s attempts at school reorganisation in Haverfordwest have become a shambles. I know this is the case because Grumpette said so at last Thursday’s extraordinary council meeting when it was decided to scrap the present statutory consultation and start over again. This follows a letter from solicitors representing Tasker Milward and Sir Thomas... Read More »

No-fly Zano

No-fly ZanoIt was almost a year ago that Cllr Keith Lewis appeared in the Western Telegraph showing off a new mini-drone – Zano – that was in development by Torquing Group at Pembroke Dock’s Innovation Centre. The company’s marketing director Reece Crowther (pictured with Cllr Lewis) is quoted as saying “We have a product that has... Read More »


Old Grumpy notices that an interesting story has appeared over on that other website. Well, it had to happen eventually – infinite time, monkeys, typewriters and the complete works of Shakespeare, and all that. As the young upstart explains, Cllr Pearl Llewellyn has finally taken the plunge and resigned from the IPPG. Not before time... Read More »

Grants, graft and gravy

I have received several emails, most of them complimentary, following last week’s trip down Memory Lane which catalogued the succession of chancers and snake oil salesmen who have trousered large amounts of taxpayers’ money by promising jobs and prosperity in Milford Haven. One critic suggested I should have placed more emphasis on the role of... Read More »