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Under the carpet

Over the past few months, I have been taking an interest in the figures used to determine the size of a viable ‘A’ level class in our schools. This is important to those of us who favour the retention of sixth forms because the higher the viability number the more difficult it becomes for schools... Read More »


The county council’s annual meeting is almost upon us and with lucrative Special Responsibilty Allowance-bearing committee chairmanships up for grabs the conspiracy theorists are waking from their year-long sleep. Ever since PCC’s inception in 1996, these SRAs have played a bigger part in the political direction of the authority than any ideological considerations. The vice-chairmanship of... Read More »


While wandering round Milford Haven Marina one day last month, I bumped into a former member of Haverfordwest Town Council. After an exchange of pleasantries, he began telling me how much he disagreed with what I had written about Haverfordwest museum. Noticing my puzzled look, he added: “In your Badger column in the Herald!” Not... Read More »