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What a difference a decade makes

For those who like round numbers, I am pleased to report that counsel’s opinion on the grants fraud in Pembroke Dock that recently landed on PCC’s desk is dated 12 December 2023, exactly ten years to the day from the infamous council meeting during which I was branded a liar by sundry members of the... Read More »

The WHOLE truth

It was way back in 2013 that I first wrote about anomalies in the Heritage Lottery Initiative (HRI) and Commercial Property Grant Schemes (CPGS) in Pembroke Dock. And after I put down a Notice of Motion calling for elected members to be allowed access to information on these dubious grants, PCC mounted a spirited cover-up... Read More »

Taxing times

As budget-setting time approaches we are told that unless we agree to a huge council tax increase savage cuts in services will be necessary to balance the books. This year has been particularly fraught with warnings that failure to approve the budget with its 16% increase in council tax could lead to members being in... Read More »

Unwelcome Caller

Have you heard the one about the cash-strapped local authority that is being forced to raise its council tax by 16% in order to balance the books? No! Well, if you live in Pembrokeshire, you soon will, because that is the inflation-busting increase that Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet has agreed to recommend to full council when... Read More »