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One man’s meat . . .

Interviewed by the Western Telegraph, ousted county council leader Jamie Adams blamed his downfall on “keyboard warriors” and “some sections of the press and members with blogs”. At my age, it is flattering to be described as a warrior, even if armed with nothing more lethal than a keyboard. However, I was not amused when I... Read More »

False prospectus

Exciting times at the Kremlin on Cleddau as Jamie Adams’ failed administration is rejected by the voters and a new chapter opens under the leadership of David Simpson. Not that Jamie sees it quite like that because in a self-serving interview with the Western Telegraph he blames his downfall on “keyboard warriors” and “…some sections... Read More »

Deja vu all over again.

The good news is that Cllr David Simpson has decided to challenge Jamie Adams for the leadership of Pembrokeshire County Council. Even better, in order to avoid the perception that votes are being bought and sold, Cllr Simpson has promised not to offer cabinet seats or other allowance-bearing positions to anyone ahead of the Annual... Read More »

In denial

Normally, when the heads of political parties lead their followers over an electoral cliff, they do the decent thing and resign – think Neil Kinnock, John Major, William Hague, Michael Howard and, most recently, Ed Miliband. Jeremy Corbyn seems to be bucking the trend, but it is difficult to see how he can keep his... Read More »

An offer you can’t refuse

Keep an eye out at the Pembrokeshire County Council election count for senior members of the IPPG handing out cards similar to the one used at the 2012 election: Ex-cllr David Wildman – Rob Lewis’ partner in crime in the Partygate affair – was in charge of the arrangements. Feeling a bit left out, I... Read More »

Psst! Fancy a nice little earner?

The polls have not even opened and already the IPPG are out there trying to recruit new members to fill the void left by defections, retirements and likely losses. Old Grumpy casts his mind back to the 2004 election when the, then, IPG suffered serious losses (Night of the long faces) with Leader Maurice Hughes... Read More »